Krishna Touch and Feel Board Book with 12 Hindu Divinity Flash Cards


Krishna Touch and Feel Board Book with 12 Hindu Divinity Flash Cards


My First Hindu Divinity Flash Cards for Kids 2 Years – 5 Years to Introduce Your Child to Indian Gods & Goddesses(12 Read-Aloud Flash Cards )
Touch And Feel Playbook of Krishna(gift for kids)
Completely re-illustrated, with updated text and a contemporary new feel, each book’s touch-and-feel areas stimulate a baby’s developing senses while encouraging interaction and play between parent and child. With large touch-and-feels, bright pictures and gentle, baby-friendly text, this series will stimulate growing minds and active senses from birth Upwards.
The big size of the cards, the use of strong colours and the bold font, all help to improve memory of kids.
Different Ways to Play and Learn – Includes 12 Thick Puzzle Cards with Beautiful Illustrations, Cardboard, Multicolor.

Ikaroa :- From touch-and-feel books to bedtime stories and non-fiction, we help 0-7s to learn, play and grow – sparking plenty of smiles along the way.
Flash Cards :- Introduce your child to Indian gods & goddesses with the help of these child-friendly flash cards. The front has a sweet illustration of a god or goddess; while the back carries interesting information about them. The divine beings include Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Druga, Laxmi, Parvati, Sarasvati, Kali, Ganesha , Kartik, Krishna, Hanuman.